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Guitar and Bandura Parts - Custom CNC

Guitar and Bandura Parts - Custom CNC

Customer Supplied Wood

Working with Customer Supplied Wood

I am happy to work with blanks you supply, provided you understand that I cannot be responsible for defects within the wood that may appear after the fretboard is profiled. Blanks must be provided fine-sanded or planed flat and parallel on both sides to a thickness between 0.3” to .4” for fretboards,  .4” to .5” for bridges. I suggest you inspect it for defects before sending. If you see any that you’d like me to try work around, please mark them. Also note if you have a side you prefer to be to the back.

When working with natural products such as wood, it’s important to remember that unknown defects, knots, runout and other potential disasters can be lying just below the surface out of sight.  All toolpaths are proven out before being put into production but sometimes things still go wrong.  Please keep this in mind when sending wood!