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Guitar and Bandura Parts - Custom CNC

Guitar and Bandura Parts - Custom CNC

Neck Ordering Instructions

Ordering a Birkonium neck is (relatively) simple.

Fill out the neck specification form: Neck Specification Sheet

Once that form is filled out, we’ll contact you if there’s more information necessary.  Once we have all the information necessary, we’ll generate a drawing like the one in the spec form for you to sign off on and a quote for manufacture of your necks.

That drawing is our contract.  The necks will be machined to those specifications.

Please inspect it very carefully and make sure all the dimensions are correct.  If you’d like a 1:1 scale PDF, contact us and we’ll generate one for you. That PDF can be printed out at your local Kinkos for your verification.

If you are supplying wood for the necks, please read these conditions

If you’d like a laminated neck, consider RC Tonewoods as your supplier. They’re happy to custom laminate neck blanks and ship them to us for you.

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