Chernihiv Bandura String Sets

From: $145.00

Bandura Type

These are complete sets of strings for standard Chernihiv Banduras.    These are ball end Phosphor Bronze guitar strings re-packaged for banduras.  Strings are provided attached to a paper strip indicating the string note letter and the size of the string for easy identification (see the picture).

Double wound strings (e.g. the low A string on a diatonic bass instrument) are cut to length and un-wound for a good sounding string.

Ball ends can be removed for a small fee for even easier replacement.  If you don’t know how to remove the ball end from a string, this is what you want to order.  Click here to watch a video on changing bandura strings!

Please use the pull down menu to select your instrument and get pricing – please be sure to select the correct one as the bass strings differ in size depending on the instrument

Bandura Type Concertova 12 String Bass, Concertova 12 String Bass - ball ends removed, Concertova 15 String Bass, Concertova 15 String Bass - ball ends removed, Standard - Chromatic Basses, Standard Chromatic Basses - ball ends removed, Standard - Diatonic Basses, Standard Diatonic Basses - ball ends removed