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Guitar and Bandura Parts - Custom CNC

Guitar and Bandura Parts - Custom CNC

Pyramid Bridge

The Birkonium take of the classic pyramid bridge design. Have fretboard and bridge blanks you want to match?  Use this bridge and a custom faux-bound board in wood you supply

TC Bridge

Bridge concept by Tony Costa – realized by Birkonium The original sketch on which this design is based can be found here

Faux-Bound Fretboards

All Fretboards have: 21 Frets .024″ fret slot .085″ fret slot depth 19.5″ Overall Length .250″ thick at the center Please check here for information on how the compound radius is…

Chernihiv Bandura String Sets

These are complete sets of strings for standard Chernihiv Banduras.    These are ball end Phosphor Bronze guitar strings re-packaged for banduras.  Strings are provided attached to a paper strip…

Needle Plate 38 hole, .5mm

Needle Plate 38 pin, .5mm Has higher holding power than 16 pin plates, shorter pins for denser or harder materials such as ebony or plastics, pre finished materials. Purchase a…