Ducati ST3/4 Axle adjuster plate for Aluminum Swingarms


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Fellow Ducatista! Birkonium is happy to announce that we’re accepting pre-orders for a limited production run of Axle adjustment plates for the Ducati ST3 and ST4 with Aluminum swingarms (77mm swingarm height).

These axle plates are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and weigh approximately 86g for the pair. I’m currently looking for a finishing house to tumble the plates so that they have a nice even finish but, if costs are too high, be prepared for a “just off the machine look”

Because this is a limited production run, we’re asking that everyone that wants one please order ASAP. We need about 15 orders to make this worth while and the sooner we know the better. Aluminum has also gone up in price quite a bit lately so we need a count to make sure we don’t over buy. Make sure you want one before you order as we’ll be using the money from the orders to buy aluminum. Orders can be cancelled before we purchase materials but not after.

We’re currently sending the plates out to our testers to make sure they fit as expected. Once the testers have confirmed that they fit as expected, we’ll send out the results to anyone who’s placed an order. If everything goes right, the pre-ordering period will end on Jan 31st. We will then buy the materials and manufacture the parts. Assuming the finishing place is fast, the parts should ship well before the end of February.

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Weight 230 g
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × .5 in

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