Birkonium is a small custom CNC & luthiery shop dedicated to providing premium custom and semi custom products primarily for luthiers. After about 12 years of luthiery using standard power and hand tools, I plunged into the world of CNC in order to be able to accomplish things that were simply impractical to achieve by hand.

Here at Birkonium, I use top quality tools, software and techniques to produce items that simply cannot be produced using traditional methods.

My backround is in engineering and it meshes very well with my hand and stationary tool experience when it comes to making parts. Whether cutting by hand or with a CNC router, the same rules apply and that very experience with hand tools improves my work with the CNC router.

One of the most challenging aspects to the creation of complicated 3D parts on a CNC machine is drawing the part using CAD tools – at Birkonium I use SolidWorks for my 3D design and have become quite skilled at drawing 3D parts with complex surfaces.

SolidWorks is a professional (and expensive!) 3D parametric modeling package that enables very fast edits to existing parts and rapid creation of new parts that can be built upon for future parts.

I really hope you chose Birkonium for your specialized CNC parts.


-Andy Birko

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