Faux bound fretboards.

Birkonium fretboards are what’s commonly known as “Faux-Bound” This means that the fret slots are cut with an end mill and stop short of the edge of the board giving it the appearance of a bound fretboard without the extra work. The fret slot depth also follows the radius of the fretboard meaning that more material is left under the fret in the center of the board.

This binding and slotting technique yields a fretboard that’s stiffer than a traditionally slotted fretboard.

Finally, our fretboards are machined with a compound radius using an “auto radius” technique that results in a bound edge that doesn’t taper along the length of the fretboard.

Please note that because these are Faux-bound fretboards, they are cut to final dimensions on the CNC machine and the neck is matched to the fretboard, not the other way around. The fret slots stop short of the edge of the fretboard by about 1/16″ so there is room for final surface prep but please keep this in mind when ordering.

All fretboards have:
• 21 Frets
• .024” fret slot
• .085” fret slot depth