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Thanks everyone for the tremendous support – You’ve already purchased enough of these to cover the costs of this product.  I’m leaving this page up so as not to cause too much confusion.  If you’d like to order to help fund other projects like this or help cover some of the costs incurred in the bandura to Germany project by all means but, please note that the planned costs of this project have been covered (although it looks like we’ll need to pay duty on this)

Thanks again Everyone who’s contributed!!!

As you know, the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by fascist Russian forces has left a trail of death and disaster in Ukraine.  Many people were forced to flee their homes to other parts of Ukraine for safety and in the process, things were left behind.  Many bandurists were able to bring their instruments with them but also, many of them either didn’t grab or lost their tuning keys along the way.

Birkonium has purchased and shipped 20 high quality tuning keys to our close friends in Lviv, Ukraine via Warsaw, Poland for them to distribute to internally displaced bandurists who find themselves without a way to tune their instrument!   Our friends, Oleh Sozansky and his daughter Kvitka Sozansky are the hub for displaced bandurists in Ukraine and they will be personally getting these to those musicians who need them.

Purchasing this product, you’re helping Birkonium defer some of the costs to continue helping these brave souls who’ve stayed behind to do their jobs as musicians to inspire.   We’ve already shipped 20 and will cut off this product once we’ve hit 12 orders which covers about 70% of the costs – Birkonium will cover the rest of the costs .

This is a “donation product” and you will NOT receive a tuning key if you order one.

These are high quality T-handled tuning keys with a quality star type socket.  Made from hardened steel this is the key you need to keep from wearing out your tuning pins. The T-handled tuning key is more compact than the goose neck version.

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